Website Development

Mandelbrotion creates functionally designed websites that excel through use of cutting edge design and coding practices.

Keeping up with your customer’s needs and the ever-changing market means providing a streamline approach to the user experience. Mandelbrotian provides solutions that give you the control over the functionality your site needs via a long-term and scalable solution that can grow with your business. The development process is backed up by on-going consultation, so that the technical needs can match the aesthetic and fiscal needs of the client. Through gaining control over the functionality and customisation of your website, you can respond quicker to your customer’s needs.

Fully coded solutions

Mandelbrotian’s web development solutions range from minor alterations on existing sites to fully customised ground-up website builds. Whether you’re seeking a simple brochure type website or a complex e-commerce solution, the flexibility and scalability in fully coded websites provides a greater advantage in meeting your specific business requirements. 

Web solutions with CMS (Content Management System)

If ease of managing the front-end of your website is key, Mandelbrotian offers web solutions with simple CMS to ensure ease of access to adding, removing and modifying content and pages on your website. Key platforms include Wordpress, Joomla and Shopify.

Website development features

Flexible and scalable customisations

Integrated full CMS with ability to manage content and pages

Responsive designs

Developed based on coding principles with integrated testing

Built on Search Engine Optimisation best practice