Application Development

Integrating custom features through application development can provide you with the key functionality when out of the box tools on your website aren’t meeting consumer demand.

Mandelbrotian works primarily on the Shopify platform, making private applications that improve store functionality and expand the functionality of the base Shopify Content Management System (CMS). Solutions can include complete ground up application development based on your specifications or alterations to existing applications.

We Help With:

  • Product catalogue

Organise your product catalogue via the CMS or an external service so that your product data and presentation meet all of your user experience needs.

  • Third party integrations

Integrate third party applications into your website for added functionality while ensuring all systems communicate effectively with each other. These integrated systems can be managed through your existing CMS to streamline the approach to managing your site and data.

  • Custom inventory systems integration

Manage your inventory based on your store’s products and requirements. Features such as import and export data tools, warnings when items are low and reporting capabilities can assist you in successfully managing your stock across your different locations.

  • Shipping management

Track your order status after shipment, utilise dynamic shipping estimates or integrate with major shippers like Australia Post or DHL. Shipping management applications can make sure your customers receive their order without interruption.

  • Payment

Integrate payment processing gateways such as PayPal to ensure customers see their order through to completion with ease, knowing they can depend on your store’s payment security.